A  T A N M O Y  P R O S A D  P H O T O G R A P H Y 

1. Q how many photographers you have for the shoot ?

Ans - Its depends on which package you are choosing. for the standard package there will be two still photographers and one videographer in action.

for the Elite package there are two still photographers ( one Candid one traditional ) and two videographers.

2. Q payments breakups  

Ans - 25% In the time of contract. 50% 10 days before event date. rest 25% when received digital media such as Soft copies/video.

3. Q What is your payment method?

Ans - We accept NEFT, Cheque , Cash.

4. Q How much time it takes to deliver the final products ?

Ans - We deliver Basic Edited soft copies & video within 60 days. After you giving us the selection for album it may take upto 60 days for deliver photobooks.

5. Q we have some rituals at early morning,will you cover that? 

Ans- Our time starts from 9 at morning. we can adjust maximum 30 minutes if need. But its not possible for us to cover a ritual at 6 A.M. 

6. Q What to do if i want to increase the number of pages in my photo book ?

Ans- it is possible. Extra charges will apply for extra pages.

7. Q What is cinematic look video ?

Ans- A cinematic look video is new trend in this industry. the main feature of this format is cinematic video is taken by a DSLR camera. its frame rate,pan, and depth of field gives our eyes a cinematic feel.but its length never exceed 1 hour mark.   

8. Q Will you carry umbrella lights ?

Ans- Yes we will.

9. Q What is the formality for the booking?

Ans- We have legal Contract to be sign. 

10. Q is memory maker shoot outside of kolkata?

Ans- Yes we do.our clients are from all over the country.

11. Q Are the Packages customization ? 

Ans- Yes.

12. Q From when memory maker doing the job ? how many weddings they covered ?

Ans- We are in service from 2013. Covered almost 70+ weddings and counting.

13. Q Where is your studio ?

Ans- We dont have any studio as of now. we are operating the jobs from our office based in naihati. 

14. Q How can i consider the photobook is original canvera ?

Ans- Very easy.you will get a bar code also a PIN with your album that connects with canvera's websites and app.

15. Q Can i get all the raw image files ?

Ans- no we never give the raw files to our clients. 

16. Q How long before i should book ? 

Ans- Its upto you. Some clients books before 1 year before also. Minimum 6 months before recommended.